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1972 And The 24%

Despite only 1 package this week, (I felt like crap on Friday, fell asleep, and forgot to right my recap post,) and a broken finger on Tuesday, a minor card checkpoint was hit this week. 200 cards for my 1972 set. Sure, I could go all in and instead of buying Allen & Ginter packs just wipe out hundreds at a time, but that's no fun for me. This hobby is supposed to be fun, right? Card 200 goes to Tom Haller, who is card #175. 200 cards out of the 787 cards in the set, (not including the 10 variants,) puts me at 24.4% Complete. For pride purposes I will say I am a quarter complete with my first vintage set build. Out of the first 200 cards in the set, I have 134 of them, leaving 66 cards outside of the first 200 I don't own. My personal strategy for completing this set has been go to the card shop, pick out 5 or so cards from the set of 100 I'm focusing on, and grind on from there. I have found this to be very successful. Luckily for me this set seems to be the one my LCS

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