The Battle Of Bowman Round 2 (Part 2)

Part 2 of round 2 begins after 1949, (because of a tie breaker vote,) 1952, 1995, and 1950 advanced in the tournament. In order to cast your votes, leave a comment saying with year you would like to advance for each of the for rounds. I will mention that a surprise is in store for todays matches. Without further ado, here we go with round 2 part 2:

2013 v.s. 1997

2013 is a first timer this competition, and it is apart of the stretch of 2011-2013 where each set looked too similar for my liking. 1997 beat out 1998 to advance, and it's black border has good contrast with the team colored inner-border.

1989 v.s. 2017

Both new sets, 1989 is a larger than standard sized card, making it one of my least favorite sets. It was the first reboot set for Bowman, and it wasn't their finest. 2017 looks much different from many sets because it is borderless, something I'm not used to.

1991 v.s. 1948

These 2 sets couldn't be more different. 1991 is here for the first time, and 1948 had to beat out 2006. 1991 had over 700 cards, and 1948 had only 48. One is super colorful, the other is black and white. One is standard size, the other is a square.

2001 v.s. 2007 v.s. 2023

New set alert! Although the set isn't technically out yet, I needed to squeeze it in as todays surprise. All of these sets share the same idea. With the name in a border at the bottom with either a logo or signature above and the logo in the corner. As I think, most sets are like that.

Those are today's battles, leave your votes via comment with which year you like more. Keep in mind when voting that I will officially be building what set wins, so don't break my wallet. Thanks for reading.


  1. I don't have an opinion on three of the matchups, but in regards to the '91 vs. '48 matchup, there is no universe where 1991 Bowman is better that it's '48 counterpart.


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