2 Cards To Revive The Flow (TTM Update #4)

 A wild post has appeared!

It's good to be back. School is over, which means I have more time to dumbfoundedly look at cards and blog about them, (which I enjoy.) Hopefully I can keep a 2 post a week flow, and we start that with the newest pair of TTM autographs.

1973 Topps Steve Brye

My oldest Twins signature from a card that was I got for the purpose of signing. A good photo, a good signature, and a better set. The little men are always what this set is known for in my mind. I mailed it out April 3rd and got it back April 19th for a 16 day return.

1981 Topps Ed Glynn

Another 1981 Topps Mets card signed, this time it's Ed Glynn. As he gets ready to release a pitch along with stomping on his hat, this photo works great for a card and signature, (a readable one at that.) I mailed it April 3rd and got it April 10th, for a quick 10 day return.

The, "Battle Of Bowman," series will return after an unnecessary break, due to mostly negligence. 8 more sets battle it out to be crowned the best Bowman set of all time. There is also the most researched post in Turning Two history, that may take me a week just to finish writing. The dormancy is officialy older. Thanks for reading.


  1. I remember watching Steve Brye as an 11-year-old Twins fan. At that time they were playing at the Met Stadium before it was destroyed for the Mall of America to be built there.

  2. The Glynn is a nice looking card, and is also one that I don't recall having seen before.

    P.S. I still have a couple of cards sitting here that you claimed from my recent giveaways, and have nowhere to send them. If you get a chance to rectify that:
    j t e f 8 2 at g mail . com


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