Battle Of Bowman Round 2 (Part 3)

 The grind to get this done starts now. We finally get back to deciding the best set out of all the sets of Bowman. 5 new sets and 3 previously supported sets will be deciding on by those who stuck around via comment, the one with the most votes moves on to face more sets of Topps' little brother.

1955 v.s. 1992

2 very... interesting set designs for the times to say the least. 1955 gets the vote for more iconic design with the TV frame around the image with the interesting technique of the last name in a box. On the other hand, 1992 escaped from the bright colors and rainbows that came with the reboot of the Bowman franchise, as well as some of the most interesting photos to make a main brand set. In order to advance here, 1992 edged out 2000.

2020 v.s. 2004

2 sets i honestly could care less about, but here I am. I'm more partial to sets that have more cards, which in this case is 2004, but this was only the beginning of the draft picks and rookies sets, which make 0 sense. Design wise, the facsimile signature is nice, the gray box around it is not. The main problem I've discovered with recent sets is font being too small, and that is the case with the positions on the 2020 set.

1996 v.s. 2018

These 2 sets next to each other carry the same vibe to them. Name across the bottom, logo in the upper left corner, weird triangle in the bottom left. 1996 is one of the best looking from the decade while 2018 fits in nicely with all the rest from the decade. I am always partial to any card that has foil on it as well. In order to advance, 2018 beat 2009.

2012 v.s. 1953

Even though I know what set of the 2 will win this, I still thought I'd make a case by including now world series champ Max Scherzer to vouch for his set. (I write this as it occurs.) Despite the lack of, well, everything, sometimes, simplicity is best. Something enjoyable is looking at the differences on jerseys from now to then. Oh how the game has changed. In order to advance, 1953 beat 2002.

Whelp. Glad to get this back up and running. Expect some design changes coming as well, hoping to improve the looks, (and hopefully the writing quality as well :-P). Now that the season is over that does mean I can conclude my predictions of the season, which went absolutely horribly. On the other hand, awards was close... Anyway... Thanks for reading.


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