Signature Of Kindness (Weekly Trading Recap)

Not one trade was received this week, which is rather good, and bad. Luckily I had some purchases arrive from multiple, and I mean multiple sources. I won't let it wait, we will get to the so called signature of kindess first.

Here is 4 of the 5 cards from my 2nd Sportlots order, (don't worry, the 5th card did arrive.) 4 tougher to find cards that are now where they belong. Included are some difficult variants to track down, including his 1990 Tiffany RC, and his 1993 Topps Inaugural Marlins set to pair with the Rockies one I already owned. If you think the Topps Big card is the same from last week, this time I ordered the F* variant. Last week, I mentioned a card missing from my first order. I'm not able to scan it with these, but I can show what came with it.

Now this is cool. Along with the ordered card came a separate envelope with this inside. The seller included a note saying he is the head of the Twin Cities Sports Collectors Club, (as seen on card,) and they had Tapani as a signing guest 11 years ago. They had these customs cards for him to sign, and the seller decided to give it to me. I've been the lucky recipient of many awesome acts of kindness, but this one takes the cake.

A trip to my LCS led me to a Allen & Ginter pack, which included 2 Twins. I'm happy that this wasn't a set Topps put to rest. If I had the choice between A&G or GQ to bite the bullet, I would've chosen GQ. Nonetheless 2 very nice cards. It wasn't the nicest card  purchased though.

You can't deny that this is cool. I was yet to own an autograph of the HoFer, but now I do. I can't help but notice his signature appearing to say Rod arew. Glad to cross off a tough signature of a great player.

Next we have cards from the night owl himself. He sent these in return for the Tony Oliva he highlighted. I remember making a comment about needing the Jim Merritt on a post of his a while back, and I still did. Not the most gold Topps has put on a set. I'd rather have overkill with the coloring then not enough. A new Twin either way, a numbered one at that.

Time for a small COMC order. Not as many this time, most of the cards were Mets, but we have the same amount of vintage. A new 1952 Topps card means I can updated the new Topps Project page already. I will acknowledge that I am most excited for the nearly identical 1972 cards. Getting these 2 leaves me 4 away from the team set, 3 of which being high numbers.

Can't get an order without PC players! Always worth getting a new Puckett, who I've slowed down with, but looking to pick it back up again. Unknown to many, I have a decent Walter Johnson collection of around 85 cards, (okay, that may not be decent to some,) but I do try to get his cards when I can.

Lastly I'll group 2 purchases from eBay and Amazon. Yes, Amazon. I had some $5 gift cards, and purchase the 1997 Pacific along with a 2022 Stadium Club Keith Hernandez. I won an auction for the 1994 Topps autograph, for around $1. Later in the week, I got sniped for a /50 Pacific Omega Premiere Date card. I had the winning big until 4 seconds was left, and lost by 25 cents. I now understand why I might have avoided eBay for all this time.

These are the pickups for the week. Not at all shabby, and another successful week for the collection. Remember to check out The Battle Of Bowman and vote, as next Tuesday 10 more sets will be brought up. Feel free to advertise it yourself as well, I want as many votes as can be. Thanks for reading.


  1. I like the vintage Twins. Cool auto from the TCSCC. I didn't know such a thing existed. I live about 60 miles north of the Twin Cities.

  2. I enjoy seeing the tougher Tapani cards, nice work!

  3. Nice of that seller to include the signed custom. Sounds like they were waiting for just the right person to come along. Congrats on being said right person!

  4. A joy when I have: A) a vintage card for someone; B) a parallel just wasting away in a box for someone.


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