The Battle Of Bowman Round 1

I dedicate this post to Bowman baseball cards. I consider Bowman the younger brother of Topps, dedicated to getting the players with 1 career game a plethora of cards. I am a fan of most Bowman base products. They always have appealed to me. I personally favor towards vintage cards, (as I'm sure it's easy to find out,) and like those more, but I also enjoy the modern sets. Of course the only thing to do when you like a specific brand is to decide which set is your favorite. That sometimes is difficult to do on your own.

That is why we are here, to decide what is the best Bowman set of all time. I entered all 42 sets made into a randomly seeded bracket, and will get your guys vote on which set is declared the best, (not to be confused with Bowman's best.) If a reasonably achievable set wins, I may try to build it in honor of this competition.

Today we start with the first 5 rounds. All you need to do is submit with a comment saying which one you like more for each match, and the one with most votes at the end, advances. In case of a tie, I will be the deciding vote.  As the new round begins, the old one is closed and winners are chosen. Let the battle begin.

Round 1.1

2019 v.s. 1954

2010 v.s. 1995

1950 v.s. 2014

1998 v.s. 1997

2006 v.s. 1948

These are today's battles. As the rounds go on, I'll get into more detail on each set, who it beat, what I think, etc. 5 more matches will happen next Tuesday. Please feel free to ssponsort his on your own blogs, I'd love a lot of votes to make it interesting. Thanks for reading.


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