1972 And The 24%

Despite only 1 package this week, (I felt like crap on Friday, fell asleep, and forgot to right my recap post,) and a broken finger on Tuesday, a minor card checkpoint was hit this week. 200 cards for my 1972 set. Sure, I could go all in and instead of buying Allen & Ginter packs just wipe out hundreds at a time, but that's no fun for me. This hobby is supposed to be fun, right?

Card 200 goes to Tom Haller, who is card #175. 200 cards out of the 787 cards in the set, (not including the 10 variants,) puts me at 24.4% Complete. For pride purposes I will say I am a quarter complete with my first vintage set build.

Out of the first 200 cards in the set, I have 134 of them, leaving 66 cards outside of the first 200 I don't own. My personal strategy for completing this set has been go to the card shop, pick out 5 or so cards from the set of 100 I'm focusing on, and grind on from there. I have found this to be very successful. Luckily for me this set seems to be the one my LCS is most stocked with when it comes to vintage, so all of the commons from the low number series have been acquirable. Alas, I have finally met my match for the first 100 cards by doing this. Out of the first 100, I am missing just 9.

#37 Carl Yastrzemski
#49 Willie Mays
#50 Willie Mays In Action
#79 Red Sox 1972 Rookie Stars Carlton Fisk RC (They have it for $30.)
#87 1971 N.L. RBI Leaders Joe Torre, Willie Stargell, Hank Aaron
#88 1971 A.L. RBI Leaders Harmon Killebrew, Frank Robinson, Reggie Smith
#89 1971 N.L. Home Run Leaders Willie Stargell, Hank Aaron, Lee May
#90 1971 A.L. Home Run Leaders Bill Melton, Norm Cash, Reggie Jackson
#100 Frank Robinson

That's a pretty reasonable 9 to be missing. 1 of these I could've had by now, but someone scooped up the Yaz the week I was going to buy it. Once I find these reasonably priced somewhere I'll likely scoop them up. I'm not saying they aren't out there, I'm just not looking.

Only other thing that interested me while at the shop was a shiny Jacque Jones auto.

Reminder that part 2 of round 1 for my Battle Of Bowman ends this Tuesday, so don't forget to vote for that. 

My goal of 50% seems reasonable. Halfway to halfway. Thanks for reading


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