The Battle Of Bowman Round 1 (Part 2)

Before we start today's battle, we need to all wish Kirby Puckett a happy birthday. A true legend of the game, who almost everybody enjoyed watching in the 90s. Now we get to the last part of round 1 for The Battle Of Bowman. Last rounds winners were 1954, 1950, 1997, 1948, and only one needed a tie breaker vote, the battle of 2010 and 1995. My vote goes to 2010. 1995's border just is pleasing,  and 2010 looks much cleaner. If you want to vote for this round, tell me which year you like in the comments. Voting will end next Tuesday, when round 2 begins. Today's match ups are:

Round 1 (Part 2)

2000 v.s. 1992

2009 v.s. 2018

2002 v.s 1953

1990 v.s. 2015

2021 v.s. 1951

These are the 10 sets battling it out today. Vote in the comments, highlight it in your blog, I'd love to have many votes. Next round is next Tuesday, when some new and some previous winners battle it out. Thanks for reading.


  1. a. 1991

    b. 2018

    c. 2002 (I'm sure this is going against the grain, but the 1953 design is as simple as it comes)

    d. 1990

    e. 1951 (pretty sure this is my favorite Bowman set of all-time)


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