Swaps And Sportlots Success (Weekly Trading Recap)

The joy of a Sportlots order arriving has finally caught up to me. 4 out of 5 cards have come in, (I don't know what's going on with #5, it's been about a week now :/,) and so far it looks like a rather cheap and pleasing way to get new cards. I have already placed another order which should arrive sometime this week. (I may be developing a problem here.) Glad this has worked out, and hopefully it will work out for the years to come.

It's no surprise who highlighted my first order. 4 cards I couldn't find for trade or the only place it was available was COMC. That's the part I enjoy the most. Finding something that I can't seem to locate anywhere, but yet it seems it's readily available here. His A's cards seem very hard to find, and this is my first Athletics card of him. I now currently sit at 150 different cards, 37 off 1st spot.

Thursday I got a RAK from Dennis over at Too Many Verlanders, consisting of nearly all my 1996 Donruss needs, along with some other 1996 cards I was missing. I can explain all the cards there except the Rick Aguilera, which I must've mistaken it for a Twins card when adding it to my wantlist. 1996 Flair variants are something I've paid little to no attention to, but to get both Tapani variants in 1 shot makes my life easier. A new Puckett squeaks in, always a good thing.

Finally, a nice trade with Lumpy1977 via TCDb. Ironically, a 1996 Donruss card was apart of the deal. He also added some extras, which is always appreciated, (the last 5 cards are freebies.) This is my 2nd to last trade before my plate is clean, and a good one at that. Always nice to knock off some early 80's needs.

That was it for the week. I'm slowly planning for a trip to Washington D.C. in April and I do plan to get to a card shop, with all the hope of vintage Senator cards. If you also haven't seen it yet, I've added a new section to the page, of the, "Twins Topps Project," which highlights the Twins and Senators Topps cards I'm missing and need. If this trip to the shop is a true success, some cards from that list could be removed. If you are near the area and want to meet up there, please let me know. Would love to meet some of you. Thanks for reading.


  1. Didn't realize Tapani was in the A's organization. Love that Puckett DK.

  2. Didn't realize Tapani was drafted by the A's. Just looked it up and discovered he was part of the trade that brought Bob Welch to the A's.


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