Cards And A Note (TTM Update #2)

(Currently at different players with a TTM AU.)

A couple days ago I got back my latest TTM success. Glenn Adams began his Twins playing days in 1977 and ended it in 1981, a year before he retired. I sent out 2 cards for him to sign and recieved them back along with a note in which he sends with the cards. Here's the recap of my most recent TTM experience.

1982 Donrus

I sent the 2 cards out on January 10th and recieved it on the 26th. His signature looks more like, "Gle Ada," but it's better then some other people I've seen. Turning my duplicates into new cards is I think the most fascinating part about this process.

1982 Fleer

The other card I sent out, (the only 3 duplicates I owned of him were 1982 cards,) and I love how he is cautious of where he signs and doesn't sign over the player, as compared to the other card where it can't be avoided so it went right over the logo. A great photo as well.


Here is the previously mentioned note. With every TTM he signs, he sends out a religious testimony. It's rather cool how he does this and it's a good outreach for him to do. I'd think that he just prints the outline and signs it, so it'll probably be on display somewhere.

Thats the recap of this TTM experience. I have sent out my next attempt to a 1962 original Met Craig Anderson. Again, if there's anybody on my list who played for your team of choice, please let me know and I can see if something can be done for my next attempt and we could work a deal of sorts.

Next Options

  • Mike Smithson
  • Bill Almon
  • Roger Erickson
  • Steve Brye
  • Jack Savage
  • Joe Nossek
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  1. I have been a Twins fan all my life. 60 years now. I have a number of favorite Twins and now Glenn Adams is now on the list. Fantastic testimony letter he sent. Truth of the Gospel told very well!


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