5 MLB Offseason Signing Predictions: The Results

Back in November as the MLB season came to a close, 5 big free agents were highlighted in my 5 MLB Offseason Signing Predictions post. I said I would review the post and here I am. Spring training has begun and the countdown to regular season baseball is under way. Those 5 free agents have locked up deals with their respective teams, (though 1 took longer then others, but it worked out,) and let's see how I did.

Aaron Judge

We start with Judge who I got correct. It was just the right move for the Yankees and they capitalized when they needed to. He needed to stay in New York, and in the end everybody can agree on that. Now is he worth it? Only the season will tell us...

Carlos Correa

This is a wrong I am proud of. I'm so happy that I didn't need to change this photo. I said the Dodgers, (though the Padres fit the title as well,) because they would provide the money. In the end he went to the Giants, but he failed the physical, then he went to the Mets, but failed that physical, and then he went to where he belongs.

Jacob DeGrom

My exact words were semi-monstrous contract and I think that his deal fits my description. It's no surprise to me he left the Mets, and it's no surprise to me that he already experienced side tightness, and it'll be no surprise to me when Texas doesn't win more then 83 games.

Justin Verlander

Of course when one star goes, the logical thing to do is to get a new one. The Mets did just that. Coming off his best season in recent years, Verlander gets to reunite with Scherzer. I'm not sure what he'll accomplish this year. I just know it won't be bad, but whether great or good, I can't tell. They'll have another division shot, that's for sure.

Trea Turner

Turner is a good player and maybe a future MVP, but I'm not sure he's worth all the money he got, or all 11 years. I would personally give him around 7 years and or 200 million, (that is still an unholy amount of money.) I'm still confident that they can take the division, and again it'll be the most exciting race to watch. at the end of the 

4 out of 5 is much better then I planned, considering I said I'd be reviewing my horrible predictions. The season is back and that's all that matters. Just don't get me started on the pitch clock. Thanks for reading.


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