Vintage Killebrew Collection.

Sorry for being late to post. Again. I have a good reason for it though. Unfortunately school has started back up again. Sigh. I will try to post about once a week, and todays post is based on some vintage Twins. The king of vintage cards for the Twins would have to be Hall of Famer Harmon Killebrew. Through his playing days, (1955-1975,) he had 20 cards released. I went to the LCS and was able to pick up multiple cards for a FANTASTIC price. 

This is what I had owned originally. Not to shabby. I also have a couple other cards of him from his playing days from Topps, (like his 1972 Topps IA card,) but I am just highlighting his main cards from the sets. The card that isn't pictured is a 1963 Topps card, which I have kept in a case. I then got this:

This is pretty nice. They aren't in fantastic condition, but they are really cool to own. This, plus an assortment of other vintage goodies, (Rod Carew & Jerry Koosman 72 IA SP, 1965 Warren Spahn, and Yogi Berra,) was no less then $30. It was a great find, in which I'm glad to have built a good relationship with the LCS for! I am only missing 8 more, so if you have any and are willing to trade or anything, please let me know on TCDB! Thanks for reading.


  1. Mighty fine cards there. I can count the ones I have...and the ones I need. Eventually I'll start my 60 and 65 sets

  2. I've been a Twins fan ever since they came to town. Killebrew has always been one of my favorites!

  3. That 74T card is very cool. I have one in my set, but never really noticed it until now.


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